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Home Care Services

Home care makes it possible for the elderly to age in place safely and comfortably in their own place as opposed to institutionalized care.

We have the extensive knowledge of caring for the elderly at Home Care in Seattle. We guarantee home care services are safer and enjoyable, as they live life through their golden years.

Our care provides support to families. Home Care in Seattle makes it convenient to care for older adults, assisting families to have more quality time together. In addition, we provide the necessary respite care to the primary caregiver minimizing the risk of over exhaustion.

Home Health Care Seattle WA

Choosing the appropriate home care will guarantee your loved one’s comfort and upgrade the quality of life. If you’re not sure about the different types of home care, coming up with the decision will make it more difficult.

Here are some home care options to make it easier to choose.

  • Companion care. For some elderly, companion care gives the needed support for a multitude of fundamental caregiving tasks, which includes light house work, running errands, and meal preparations. This is the ideal choice for the elderly who are in need of assistance at home safely, but not needing a high level of care.
  • Personal care. If your loved ones require a high level of care, then personal care is the optimum choice. It has the caregiving aspects of companion care, it also assists in the task of grooming, mobility, dressing, and bathing. Personal care also gives important care to individuals who have long term health conditions.
  • Respite care. As you may notice, being the primary caregiver can be a heavy task. They are placed in compromising position, as they are left to fend for their selves. balancing important task a family member and a caregiver. Respite care enables the primary caregivers to pursue other tasks and obligations, and spend a quality time with their beloved family. This will ensure the risk of burnout to a minimum.
  • Specialized home care. Older adults with specific health conditions may need specialized care. At Home Care in Seattle we give specialized home care services through Home Care in Seattle WA. If your loved ones have specific care needs, we can put together traditional home care services when we make your loved one’s plan of care.

Personalized Senior Care

At Home Care in Seattle WA, we have a simple goal. We want the elderly live their lives comfortably and safely while they age in place in their own homes.

We start with a customized care plan for the clients. Our agency will customize everything for the client’s unique needs and living conditions. In this way, we give the needed support.

When matching care, we involve the family in every way possible. Once the plan commences, we keep the families updated. As your loved one’s care changes, so does the plan of care, and we’ll make certain that their needs are specifically met.

Home Care Assistance

With Home Care in Seattle WA, getting started with senior care is easy.

We will conduct a consultation which is free of charge. We’ll get to know their needs, living status, and what they like. We’ll utilize this information to come up a plan of care.

As we develop the plan of care, we think about the variation of factors. We will work together with various health professions to make sure that our plan is connected with the medical protocols.

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Finally, matching the recipients of care with the appropriate caregiver. At Home Care in Seattle WA, we are proud of our compassion, dedication, and the experience acquired by our home care service providers. We know how important the connection of caregivers and the recipients. We always try to find the perfect combination. Call us today to know more.


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