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Personal Assistant Carer in Seattle

Mobility problems are the primary cause of aging for seniors, injured and disabled individuals. Due to these issues, they may become dependent on others or needs assistance to complete their everyday routines and activities. Mostly, family members are too busy on the regular schedules that may fail them to give the care and time they need; Personal Assistant Carer in Seattle is the best solution.

Trained and skilled carers are on our list to provide personal care in Seattle for those who need assistance. They undergo pieces of training to render excellent service. A personal Assistant and a caregiver might be confusing; it seems and sounds the same but different. A caregiver does the necessary needs of the patient, while a personal assistant depends on the order and instructions of the patient.

Seattle personal caring

Personal care is essential to every individual; good personal care will keep them away from some disease and feels more comfortable. It simply means the unique needs of every individual, which may include:

  • Personal hygiene like bathing, showering, tooth brushing, combing, nail care for both fingers and toes. Physical grooming is also a part of personal care, like dressing.
  • To assist them in incontinence activities like toileting, incontinence laundry, and change of beddings.
  • Provide mobility assistance, including walking aids and wheelchairs if needed and transferring them in and out of beds or from bed to wheelchair and vice versa.
  • Render simple treatments like eye drops, putting lotions on.

Personal assistants end their jobs in personal care and render service to all their needs depending on their capability. Daily household chores are also their responsibilities like:

  • Cleaning the house to have a clean, safe and comfortable environment.
  • Preparing meals and assist them to eat and drink reminds them to take prescribed medications and supplements on time.
  • Wash, dry dishes, and organize on the dish cabinet.
  • Do a load of laundry and dry clothes.
  • Grocery shopping and buying of necessities like medicines.
  • Run errands.

Besides, they also responsible for communicating with the patient’s appointments, especially medical and checkups, religious events, wellness programs, and other social gatherings. They arrange for transportation if needed.

A good PA has unique characteristics that are dealing with sick and elderly individuals must-have. Personal Assistant Carer in Seattle’s carer went to different training to render excellent service, generating through the years to prove that they are capable on the job. Each of the carers in the team received additional benefits on top of their pay. We provide insurance. Here are their good side:

  • Responsible - as accepting the job, they are also accepting the full responsibility of taking care of the patient.
  • Honest - a good PA should be simple enough to be trusted. Open in the way not to take advantage of having access to all the properties and belongings of the patient. On the other side, they should be honest also about their mistakes and shortcomings.
  • Respectful - they should respect their patient. For example, the elder is most sensitive and understandable of their age; they should still respect them anyway.
  • Patient - due to mobility issues, patients may take a long time to finish a task like eating; a good PA should have enough patients enough to be with them.
  • Adaptable and Flexible - there is sometimes a change of plans or situation; a good PA should be flexible enough to adapt and move forward without any circumstances.

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Spending a lot of your time taking care of your seniors, injured or disabled individual is not possible if you are working or attending studies. The solution then will be to hire an assistant or carer for your loved ones. Personal Assistant Carer in Seattle makes this possible on your behalf. You can call our hotline number for further questions and inquiries.


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